Majestic Leadership

Majestic Leadership - 8 keys to be an authentic leader

Are you always you in any given situation? Do you trust yourself to always be and act in a compassionate way? Are you curious about knowing yourself on a deeper level than before? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, this book is for you.


Majestic leadership consists of eight keys, designed to empower you to become an authentic leader in life. This is a book about personal development and leadership which is intended to inspire you to be curious about exploring your inner world. Each chapter introduces a new key to enable you to discover new approaches to support yourself in being you in any given moment, to be in balance within yourself and in relationship to everything and everyone around you. Each chapter includes tools and practices designed to support you in mastering you. The book is written in english.


Marie Herkestam has over 23 years of experience leading others in different managing roles as project manager, marketing manager and head of different appartments. During all the years leading others a deep interest in knowing and managing herself in a compassionate way started to grow. the perspective has always been human leadership where every person involved is a gift and that their wisdom and knowledge is contributing to the actual mission and that they want to do their best.
Marie has a masters degree in marketing and leadership from the University of Stockholm. She is also a coach, mentor and healer. She lives in Sweden with her family.

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How to order the book

You can order the book directly from the author and the book is shipped worldwide. Payment via swish or PayPal. Order your copy here or send an email to buy it directly from the author.

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Workshop Majestic Leadership
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Majestic leadership handlar om att bli och vara sitt äkta jag och leva sin själs syfte. Alltså vara hela dig i balans i varje stund. Majestic leadership handlar om att leda dig själv och andra i compassion med syftet att det är det bästa för alla involverade. Vägen till att lära dig att leda dig själv i din själs syfte gör så att du blir din egen mästare.
Maila din intresseanmälan till, så återkommer jag med information om datum.

4 h | SEK 888

Individual sessions

Marie offers life coaching and executive coaching sessions as well as healing sessions. Sessions can be held via zoom or in person in Billdal, Sweden, for example. To book please email to
If you are interested to book me for your company, please send me an email.

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Workshop Majestic Leadership
in english starts spring 2024

Majestic leadership is about to become and be your most authentic self and live your souls purpose. To be you in balance every single moment. Majestic leadership is about to lead yourself and others in compassion with the purpose that it is the best for all involved. The road to learn to lead yourself in living your souls purpose makes you become your own master. Online via zoom. Email your interest to

8 times a 3 hs | SEK 3200

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